They love winter, snow and ice…

A recent unit study has been on cold weather activities. This required some imagination because January has mostly provided balmy weather. However, we read a few snow books and the kids seem to understand. So here’s our take on an indoor winter:


Snowman: Several boxes, a sheet and pillow. We also watched “The Snowman” on YouTube.


Snow science: I ground ice in the blender and let them use their senses to make observations. Funny, Lance and Ivy’s observation sheets were exactly opposite – if one thought it was cold and small, the other thought hot and big. After filling out our sheets, we poured on some chocolate syrup and had snow ice cream, followed by hot chocolate.


Ice skating: slippery shoes on Flora, wax paper on the bigger kids.


Snowflakes: I helped the kids cut out one or two then had a great time myself, decorating wall space.


Snowball fight: Mini marshmallows were thrown and then eaten.


And best of all – sledding!


We used the kid’s crib size mattresses, a recliner and some pillows to make the slope.


The hats and gloves were just for effect and quickly came off.

A few of the best clips.

5 responses to “They love winter, snow and ice…”

  1. Anne

    Wow, those snowflakes!!!
    Looks like a fun unit, all the activities with no miserably cold feet!
    And no cleanup of messy, wet clothes.

  2. Anne

    Like your Madeline quote, too…

  3. Brian

    I love it! Especially the video and Lance’s first nosedive…

  4. Lori

    I guess snow could be big and hot…

  5. Alicia Jones

    How fun! You could always trek up here for the real deal, but it’s much colder and messier.

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