Gingerbread houses

A post-Christmas blog about a pre-Christmas activity. Please forgive me for being out of season.

The week before Christmas we invited some friends over to make ‘gingerbread’ houses out of graham crackers and, of course, candy! The icing turned out perfect so the houses mostly stood under the strain of decoration.


Lance took to the task like a pro, surprisingly putting candy on the house instead of his mouth!


Ivy looked on for a while, learning the art.


Flora was stuck in her high chair with a plain cracker.


Ivy honed her skills and did quite well – candy canes, an m&m door and a cheerio pathway.


Bored with her chair, Flora lurked under the table, helpfully cleaning up anything that was dropped.


Ivy is so proud of her house!!! (that or the sugar is starting to kick in)


Lance shows off his finished work of art, complete with a smoking chimney and minus one piece of chocolate…


Flora volunteered to help with the clean up.


A fun time was had by all. I let them eat a piece of their houses the next day and while Ivy immediately pulled off a candy cane and started eating, Lance could hardly bring himself to ‘break’ his house. Finally his desire for the candy overcame his sense of ownership and he started in on his about the time Ivy finished up her piece and shared some with Flora.


Note: near the end of the video, Lance starts talking about the big bad wolf going down the chimney – you may or may not be able to make out what he’s saying.

2 responses to “Gingerbread houses”

  1. Jack Paslay

    Those houses seem to be real sturdy to withstand all that handling. Good idea and they did a good job of decorating, too.

  2. Lori

    The first pic of Flora looks like Stacie and the carrot.

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