Happy Birthday Flora!


My blonde, sweet baby who loves animals, and soft things. (Christmas dress made by Aunt Katie)


We celebrated a double party with cousin Jenny who likes puppies – hence the dog in the above photo. The girls were thrilled with their cakes the day before the party. Flora almost snagged an early sample during the photo session.


However, when it came to actually trying the cake, neither girl was ready to embarrass themselves in front of all the guests.


Flora picked at the chocolate cake but enjoyed the strawberry cake I gave her later.


Is this for me?


Siblings and cousins helped Flora open and enjoy her gifts.


The older kids played pin the tail on the dog and cat. Lance watched the big kids go first and figured he had the hang of the game. On his turn he lifted the blindfold, marched up to the poster and pinned his tail – not where it belonged, but where everyone else had put theirs!

4 responses to “Happy Birthday Flora!”

  1. Jack Paslay

    I named the first one “Lucky Dog” Looks like they’re all having fun. Flora’s hair is such a pretty blonde.

  2. Anne

    Lance was so cute peeking on the “Pin the Tail” game.
    Two sweet grandbabies.

  3. Alicia Jones

    So cute! Flora is adorable! Those cakes are pretty cool, too. I can’t to start making fun cakes… I had to ask Brian at first what the pink cake was (then read that it was Strawberry). That’s a cake I’ve never had before, and while I’m not a cake person, that looks really, really scrumptious.

  4. Stacie

    Thanks for posting pictures from the party. I’m sorry I had to miss – the kids are so cute and I love watching them play together.
    Flora’s expression in “Is this for me?” reminds me of my baby pictures.

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