Music Class

A friend gave me some materials for a music class so I took the plunge and started it up this week.


There were four moms (including me) and 8 kids (with baby Flora).


We did songs about chores around the house and learned about high and low sounds. Here we are “dusting” with our rags.


At the end we rocked our animals to sleep.


And because this post is on music, here is a video of Ivy singing “Holy, Holy, Holy.” Listen very carefully and if you know the song you can make out the words.

3 responses to “Music Class”

  1. Alicia Jones

    Fun! I just told Brian I was going to check to see if there were any kid updates…and found this! Music class at that age sounds fun and chaotic.

  2. Anne

    What a good way to teach the kids and visit with other moms at the same time. You got your new carpet just in time.
    And Ivy is adorable. Next she can work on “The Love of God.”

  3. Jack Paslay

    Ivy is not only cute but talented,too.

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