We love the park!

We’ve been under a spell of cold weather recently and my kiddos are really missing the park. Looking ahead at the weather forecast I made sure to let them play their little hearts out the day before the weather changed and caught some fun pictures:


This is a handicap park and the kids love running up and down the ramps. This time I brought their little riding toy to add to the fun. Lance took over right away, pushing the car up to me….


…where I would give him a big push down to make him go fast! That grin can make me do anything!


I finally pried Lance off the car long enough for Ivy to take a turn.


She didn’t have the finesse to push the car back up..


…and so came up with her own way of doing things. I laughed good and hard because this is so Ivy – more likely to employ brawn over brain.

The last two pictures are for my mom:


This one because I think Ivy looks so much like my own toddler pictures.


And this one because Flora is smiling and cute and doesn’t have her face covered by a pacifier as in an earlier post.

We all have so much fun at the park – we can’t wait until it warms up again!

3 responses to “We love the park!”

  1. Anne

    You’re right about that next to last picture, it brought a little tear of nostalgia to my eye. (even before I saw your comment). What a terrific idea to use your riding toy on that ramp! And I can’t wait to hold little Flora!

  2. Alicia Jones

    Aww! Cuteness! That grin of Lance’s is adorable and contagious. Ivy makes me laugh–it reminds me of my sister’s and I. Gayle was brawn over brain, and I was definitely the complete opposite! Lianne tagged along-just like sweet Flora. (Purple is such a great color to wear!) :-)

  3. Lori

    Now you have three smilers to make you do whatever they want. How do you ever do anything else?

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