Days with Flora

Only a few days old and we love our little Flora girl so much!


Enjoyed a family dinner the evening of Flora’s birthday. Brian’s grandparents had entertained the kids all day and his parents arrived that evening and took them home for a week so I could rest.


The next day Flora helped me pack up all my maternity clothes! The house was quite warm from running loads of laundry. Brian and I rested, watched a movie, played games and discussed our ten year goals. What a wonderful day with my man!


Tuesday saw us taking our first little outing. Since eating in a restaurant with two toddlers is somewhat less than romantic, we decided to take advantage of our reduced household and did a lunch date at Olive Garden. Flora happily napped in her car seat and enjoyed being admired by the other diners.


We gave Flora a bath last night – she didn’t know what to make of it but took it with her typical wide-eyed calm. She’s a relatively quiet baby and prefers to make her needs known through grunts and coos rather than crying. She will lie happily awake for two hours or sleep so hard nothing you do can wake her up. Her daddy totally adores her and her mommy loves to cuddle her and just look at her and think how cute she is!

“Children are a blessing from the Lord and the fruit of the womb is His reward.” Thank you God for our beautiful daughter!!

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