There has been a recent request for a post on Ivy – that she’s growing and changing therefore an update is needed.

Ivy is a second born in peak form: anything Lance can do Ivy can do too – or will die trying. In fact, she often one-ups him in ideas and we find her in stuff or doing things that Lance never tried.


This recent climb into the window sill from the rocking chair is one of those ideas.

IMG_2990  IMG_3073

She has taken on the job of setting the table (though Lance will still come along and correct her placement). And if Lance is wearing a cape and running “real fast” to mommy then she will join in on the fun – even though she’s not sure why we’re doing this.

 IMG_2999  IMG_3013

Ivy catches on to ideas pretty quick – here she is wiping down her car because the sprinkler got it wet. Ivy is capable and fearless. She will slide down the slide and climb back up it. You have to keep on your toes with this one – she will jump off anything into our ready, or not so ready, arms. She loves to be tickled, thrown in the air, chased and have growling/roaring contests. She also has quieter moments examining a toy or reading a book – ones with animals being her favorite.

 IMG_3024   IMG_3058

Ivy is a talker! She already puts three words together and has said a few 3 syllable words. She will tell me if she needs to go potty (something Lance has yet to do) and politely asks “mommy, ________ please” for anything she wants. The kids get m&m’s for going to the potty and Lance likes to tell me what color he got. I don’t think Ivy has the concept but she has the words and will happily chirp “blue” or “brown” or whatever comes to mind before she pops it in her mouth, saying “mmmmm!.” Once, when walking into a gas station she saw all the food and exclaimed “yum-mee, YUM-MEE!” She can also identify facial features, say “sorry” (and will often say it even when Lance was the one in the wrong) and knows where to find mommy’s baby – though I’m not sure she understands.

Ivy is a delight and her enthusiasm for anything that’s going on shows she really knows how to enjoy life. I love my little girl.

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