Big day for Lance

Yesterday Lance had a few tests to check out a heart mummer he has had since birth. Brian took off early and came with us. We traveled up to North Dallas, figured out parking and made it on time to our appointment. The waiting room only had ‘boring’ magazines but the exam room had some wonderful toys that occupied the kids throughout the hour long appointment! Brian wondered why they played better with just a few new things than they do at the house :-)


First up for Lance was an EKG. The assistant put ’stickers’ on Lance then hooked him up. Lance lay very still, only cracking a humorous smile now and then – like he thought this was all a big game.


Next came the Doctor to talk with us and listen to Lance who kept saying “hi doctor” and pulling a big charm act. He really cracked her up by sucking in a big breath right before she put the stethoscope on his chest.


Finally we went back to a dark room and Lance lay on another table. The assistant turned on an Elmo video and Lance lay totally still for the whole Echo – he was intrigued! We got to see the chambers of his heart, the valves and a color rendition of his blood flow – pretty cool!

We finished with a follow up report from the doctor saying all is well! The kids got a sticker each and we walked out with a clean bill of health! Praise the Lord nothing serious was found.

One response to “Big day for Lance”

  1. Ruth

    PTL on the clean bill of health! I watched most of an Echo last Summer in Dallas. It WAS really interesting.
    Way to go on sitting so still, Lance!

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