Morning Walk

To combat some less than cheerful moods this morning, we took an exploratory walk around the apartments.

IMG_1927   IMG_1930

Lance found a good rock right away which cheered him up. Ivy enjoyed the breeze from an AC unit.


We found a nice patch of mud and poked sticks in it.

 IMG_1934   IMG_1937

The kids look wistfully at the water, remembering their swim time before it was closed for repairs about 3 weeks ago.

Lance makes up for his disappointment by climbing the wall nearby.


Ivy tries a rock. Maybe a different colored one would taste better?

IMG_1944   IMG_1943 

Lance found “treasure” of a colored pellet. Then he “lost” it in a crack. Mommy saved the day and rescued his treasure.

By this time we were all hot and went back inside – moods somewhat improved.

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