Vacation – Part 1

The party.

Last Thursday the kids and I set out on a little adventure. We visited friends, ate good food and ended up at Brian’s parents for the night.

IMG_1075  IMG_1084

Friday was a Dr. visit – Lance only holds an inch and two pounds on Ivy. They had a ball playing with the paper and tape measure and both had the staff charmed from the time they walked in the door. Afterwards we drove to visit another good friend then back to the Cahill’s for dinner where Daddy joined us!


Saturday was cousin Oliver’s first birthday! He loves monkeys and his mom and aunt Kim did a great job on the cake don’t you think?IMG_1128

Lance wasn’t so sure about the monkey (a puppet). When he finally worked up courage to touch the monkey (with daddy’s help), the monkey bit him! Daddy and Uncle Nathan laughed so hard! It took Lance the entire weekend to come to terms with the monkey.

IMG_1119  IMG_1110

The morning started out with a game of “darts” – even Mrs. Cahill played! Brian and Benj. really had it out.


Lance made a couple good shots too.


After morning naps came birthday party time! The boys donned their hats.


This is Ivy, moments before snapping herself in the face with the elastic band. She won the sympathy of the crowd.


Lance still isn’t sure about the monkey – “Who keeps putting him next to me?!”

IMG_1164   IMG_1171

Ivy enjoys the benefits of being in the presence of doting relatives (everyone gets presents!) While Lance goes the more direct route and commandeers all of Oliver’s gifts by right of being the biggest,,,,er, oldest.

 IMG_1193   IMG_1185

Bubbles completed the day and after loads of fun and too much cake all three cousins were tucked away for nap time.

Stay tuned for Part 2 – Mom and Dad’s trip!

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