Having left my camera at my parent’s house I am at a loss on how to post. I used to write for this blog all the time but pictures are easier, and much more fun. I am going through camera withdrawal – my kids are being so cute and I have no way to capture the moment except in my memory….which has been known to grow hazy when it comes time to recall events. Therefore, in an effort to preserve a stage of life (and to make journaling in my photo book easier) I shall endeavor to conjure up some mental images…ones that made me smile.

Balmy weather made for balmy souls and yesterday the kids outdid each other in giving me cute moments, bringing a smile to my lips and gladness to my heart. Except for the moment where Lance went into the throes of despair on reaching the end of his apple juice box, they were the best babies in the world. (That would have been funny too if I hadn’t been trying to keep them quiet because Daddy was sleeping).

We went to Burger King for some playtime because they have equipment Lance’s size. Lance still managed to get “stuck” at the top which necessitated a rescue from Mom (much harder than McDonalds due to the “kid-friendly” size). However, the slide proved less scary than imagined and better yet it could be used in reverse! This discovery led to a solid 20 min of up and down. Mommy then put a chair near the “up” tube and Lance found new mobility in completing the whole circuit. All this activity was accompanied by ecstatic noises and happy laughing.

That afternoon I decided to give Lance an edge on Easter egg hunting. After he thoroughly inspected the new toys I tried “hiding” them around the living room. The concept of gathering was a while in coming so I decided to up the incentive by adding raisins inside the eggs. Something must have clicked, though it short circuited. He proceeded to gather the eggs and put them in his bucket – apparently oblivious to the treasure inside even though he had watched me fill them. I re-hid the eggs then went to do something. Realization must have hit because when I came back 12 eggs were open on the floor and Lance has happily munching away.

During another egg hunting session Lance took it into his head to put them all on a folding chair. Egg number 7 didn’t have room and kept rolling off. At first frustration surfaced, then the episode struck him funny and he giggled as he replaced the egg twice more. Finally the egg stayed put and Lance went into a full fledged victory dance while I laughed and wished for my camera.

Finally, as I was trying to vacuum before Daddy got home, I heard Lance singing. I went to check on him and found a wet pair of underwear in the bathroom and Lance on his potty doing opera impressions. I shook my head an went on vacuuming.

Ivy did her best to compete for smiles by playing games during meal times. She happily waved things around, spit food out, smeared her meal everywhere and graced her shenanigans with a heart melting smile. While nursing she kept putting her hand to my mouth to be gobbled or kissed and responded with little chuckles. Every time my attention was diverted by her brother she would jerk her whole body once or twice and give a half smile when I looked back at her.

When Daddy came home Ivy charmed him into a game of tummy gobbles and both children did their best imitation of a thunder storm in the bath tub to entertain Daddy.

IMG_0857   IMG_0916

And now, because I can’t resist, here are two smiles I haven’t posted yet.

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