Bright spots

While the highlight of my day is when Brian walks through the door, my two little companions make many bright spots in-between times.

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Ivy is a determined little critter – she may be second born but she’s doing her best to keep up. Merely weeks after mastering the crawl she surprised us by pulling up to a stand – all on her own in the other room. She loves this new form of motion and practices everywhere.


And again, while Lance claims the title of “potty trained”, Ivy follows close behind. While there was a period of time where the effort didn’t seem worth it, both kids have passed over a hump and the training has paid off. No dirty diapers at this house!


With Ivy following in his footsteps, Lance continues to forge ahead into new talents and skills. Just the other day he tried his hand at cooking. He is growing in awareness and his ability to communicate his thoughts. When driving by Brian’s work Lance queried “Daddy? Daddy?” And when we went house hunting without his sister he questioned her empty seat every time we got in the car.

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He likes to experiment with new objects and is starting to mimic his environment. Last night Lance and I played make believe for the first time, praying over and eating plastic food. Another time I was singing a song off a kids CD we listen to and he started “singing” another song from the same CD – head, shoulders, knees and toes – with some accompanying motions; boy was I shocked!

Of course, learning multiplies itself in the form of many teachers. Don’t think I’ll have to teach my last kid anything!

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