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Thought I’d amuse you with an anecdotal little tale of child training.

Lance often gets frustrated when something doesn’t perform as it should. After several tries (or less depending on his current mood) he breaks down crying. In an effort to prevent this and other forms of whining, I’ve been teaching him to call for “Mommy” instead. So now it goes something like this:

*fussiness or crying*

Mommy: No whining Lance

Lance: Mooooommy (in a woeful voice)

Mommy: Yes Lance? Do you need help?

Lance then signs help and I figure out whatever is bothering him. When Daddy is around the scene changes slightly.

*fussiness or crying*

Daddy: No whining Lance

Lance: Mooooommy (in a woeful voice)

Daddy: I’m Daddy

Lance: Daddy (in same voice)

It makes me laugh every time!


In other news, we had the kids doctor visit over Thanksgiving and I got a copy of their growth charts so you can see what I’m talking about. The diagonal lines indicate the normal range of length and height in children – the dots with circles indicate my children.

IMG_0029 IMG_0028

This is Ivy – stretching the upper limits for her age.          And this is Lance – well below short.

People always said your first and second kids would be totally opposite, I just didn’t think it would be in this way. At this rate Ivy is going to catch Lance in weight and size within a few months; like most second born children she’s already super competitive!

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