Weekend surprise!

My Mom called Friday morning with an exciting plan to visit us that very day! Apparently she was getting desperate to hold a baby, thus proving my theory  that if you put enough cute pictures of the grandkids on the web, grandma will have to visit. Aunt Katie came too :-)


We had a whirlwind tour of Ft. Worth attractions. First stop was the Stockyards where we watched a cattle drive – Lance kept staring down the street in awe after the cattle passed.


Next stop was the zoo, where we got up close to the gorilla,


actually saw the hippos moving,


and were entertained by the big cats –  hearing the lions and tigers roar!


However, Lance’s favorite by far was feeding the birds!



Our last stop was the Botanical Gardens where we enjoyed the fountains, the flowers and the peaceful atmosphere.


Ivy was voted angel of the day.

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