A thousand words

The recent lack of posts is because I left my camera at my parent’s house last weekend. Fortunately Stacie is visiting tomorrow and will deliver it safely back into my hands.

It has been sorely missed.


I just went to check on Lance and found him sitting in the middle of a pile of Kleenex, happily pulling more from the box (they just keep on coming you know). Now he is screeching in delight as he shreds them and redistributes the particles all over the house. Even as I write, a glance over my shoulders spies a naked little boy running by.


Caught and properly clothed, Lance continues his quest to grace each room with white tissue.


Mommy’s brain works slightly faster than her little boy’s busy hands. The bathroom is eliminated. Lance contents himself with reenacting a blizzard on Ivy’s play mat.

Apparently you don’t have to have teenagers to get a t.p. job on your house.

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