Keeping up with the Joneses

The kids and I got to spend the whole week with my family last week. What a great time to catch up and see old friends and enjoy being a part of that life again.

Several days were spent helping my sister, Lori, get her new house ready to move in. Katie, Lance and I painted doors.

IMG_8954  IMG_8951

Lance sampled some paint – just checking!

IMG_8980   IMG_8985

More fun on the jobsite included playing in the sprinkler and in an afternoon rain shower!


But all that work wears you out! Ivy and Lance napped in a closet despite nail guns, hammers and people talking.


For our evening entertainment we enjoyed two skits and two plays put on by homeschoolers. These intimidating guards are from the play “Hiding Place.” My brother, David, and sister, Stacie, are on the right. There was a very moving scene where Stacie, a Nazi guard, is shot for becoming a Christian.


Lance enjoyed the farm and started to imitate the cat’s meow and the rooster’s crow. He also did a convincing impression of the chop saw at the job site much to my brother’s amusement.

IMG_9000  IMG_9002

And for a little country fun we had to check out the mud slide. Since we had to haul water to make it slick we only slid on the lower half, about 20 feet. Lance liked the slide part but was rather unimpressed with the mud :-)


Another evening was spent playing with the cousins at Michael and Lindsey’s house. Looking at the kids around the table and Ivy playing on the floor I thought to myself, “this could be my household in a few years!”


The weekend held several fun events. Brian drove down to join us. We watched a knife presentation by my brother, David, who has recently started selling CUTCO knives. My friend Emily got married – which means half of the bridesmaids at my wedding have joined me in the married ranks. Sunday morning we had a brunch with Lori and Jonathan at their new house. We attended Bekah’s baby shower and finally made it home to unpack and go swimming! What a great week!

“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is when brethren dwell together in unity.”

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