Early one morning

Morning has broken. Life is peaceful. Amy awakens. All is still calm.


Until the little tigers are released from their cages! Lance starts out strong by pooping on the floor – twice. The second time while mommy is searching in the dryer for a new diaper. He is  momentarily tamed while trying to peel a banana, and mommy starts breakfast.


Right in the thick of things Ivy lets out a wail – daddy intervenes and staves her off until breakfast is ready then everyone eats, even mommy gets by with one hand.

While lounging innocently in her boppy pillow, Ivy revisits breakfast – all over herself, the pillow and the floor. Ivy gets a bath.


Determined to change the course of the day mommy entertains both at once with a lotion session – Lance thinks this is great fun!


He is even more pleased when invited to take his turn on the towel.

Ignoring breakfast dishes, laundry and a mess that needed attention, mommy took both cubs to the park to prowl around.


Sweaty and sandy, Lance takes a quick dip in the pool before nursing/reading time, lunch, pick up and nap.

With one safely behind bars, a few things got done. Now it’s time to feed the little one. So enjoy a video of my sweet little wild ones!

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