Our first outing

Yesterday the kids and I took our first outing out by ourselves. After getting everybody ready and everything packed up, we took off to check out a petting zoo at a park.

IMG_8797  IMG_8811

Lance and Ivy are excited to see the animals…at least, Lance is.  A deer and a peacock were interesting additions to the usual barn animals.


Lance loved going back and forth over this little bridge – the up and down of the ramps were an exciting challenge to his balance.

IMG_8812   IMG_8818

After the animals we took our picnic lunch to the park – peanut butter and jelly and goldfish!! Lance worked on stair climbing almost the entire time – the hand rails let him do it standing up.


Meanwhile, I did a small photo shoot of Ivy because she was so cute. I tried to get the kids together but decided that took two people.


Our final stop was the library to pick up Lance’s free book for doing the Summer reading club.

We got back home hot and tired so after naps and supper we went swimming with Daddy. What a fun day!

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