While we are waiting….

Well, yesterday was my due date but still no baby. On Wed. I had lunch with Brian up at his work and got a kick out of people’s reaction when they learned I was due the next day.

As for my due date, Lance did his best to distract me from any thoughts about the baby. He started off the morning by wetting two pair of underwear and while I was taking one to the wash and getting another, he pooped on the floor.


Later, as I was cleaning house I went to investigate why Lance was being so quiet…..


He did let me know when he was ready for his nap though – a welcome downtime after a busy morning.

 IMG_8385   IMG_8389

Today we are getting ready for a visit from Brian’s family. After completing a project, Brian decided to let Lance use up the leftover paint.


Lance isn’t sure if the amount of fun out weighs the clean up.

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