Moving…sort of…

Our weekend project started off as a little prep work for the baby’s coming:


Brian puts together the baby bed while Lance counts the screws…


Meanwhile, Amy got a little over zealous with her baking and meal making – the freezer is packed and a neighbor’s freezer was recruited to store the extra goods.


Amy’s enthusiasm rubbed off on Brian…instead of moving just the piano and putting up the bed the day turned into a grand house rearrangement. Junk came out from all corners. Brian measured furniture and potential spaces (measure twice, move once is the motto he learned from his Dad).


Lance was delighted with our new “game” and the resulting toys that came into his reach. Here he is banished to his high chair after scratching Daddy’s CD’s and knocking over a lamp, breaking the bulb. After trying to unload every drawer and box his parents deemed it naptime.


The next few hours were spent working hard, trying to get things cleaned up before our little explorer awoke.


Brian’s desk moved to the living room – giving him a neat, clean, sanctuary; away from Lance’s toys and books. He also likes it that he can sit there and work while I fix meals.


My desk was moved to the other side of the room. Brian rewired everything for me :-) This move wasn’t necessary, but it gave me….


…..a little nursery nook to decorate. I love this area and can’t wait to rock my baby.

We finished the day tired but happy with our new surroundings.

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