My Mom stopped by last night on her way to visit my brother in Indianapolis. We decided to take advantage of her many years of experience taking family pictures in the bluebonnets. Mom hopes this post will inspire my siblings at home to get out and take some pictures while she’s gone :-)


Here’s our cute little family.


I love the colors and expressions in this shot.

img_3156 img_7455

Here’s Lance boy about this time last year – about 3 weeks old….and here he is this year, such a big boy!


How do we get all these smiling shots? Do we have a natural camera ham? Not quite….


The first reaction to flower photos was less than picturesque.

img_7445 img_7457

However, after being cheered by Grammy…and bribed with Daddy’s cell phone (barely visible above the flowers)…


Lance was all smiles. You see, it’s all a matter of  persuasion.

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