Frost and Snow

What is winter without a little snow? (those of you up North, please don’t laugh)

Tuesday night began with some freezing rain, which turned to sleet, which eventually resulted in a dusting of snow.


We bundled up and took Lance out for his first experience – Brian was told to come to work late because of the road conditions. We took a quick tour around the area, examining icicles and sliding on ice patches then back inside before we froze!

img_6976 img_6985

Lance and the icicles. Today Brian called after driving to work and said it was really pretty out with a fog and frosted yards. So Lance and I bundled up for a winter walk….15 minutes later we headed out the door :-)


Our favorite park with a little snow that didn’t melt from yesterday. Walking in the “frozen fog” as the weather report described it was mysterious and beautiful. Every time the sun peeked through the clouds, the fog sparkled like swirling glitter.

img_6980 img_6981

Here’s where someone walked through the frozen grass to avoid an icy sidewalk. This bush got an icy shower from a sprinkler!


A frozen dandelion. Maybe if I make a wish with this one we’ll get enough snow to go sledding!

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