Happy Birthday!

Today is Brian’s birthday!

We were at his parent’s house this weekend and as part of a family tradition, Benj. and I prepared a treasure hunt to lead Brian to his presents.

Some clues involved brain work; math or scrambled letters or word puns.

Hearkening back to old times I prepared a short “movie” with a little Hollywood program they used to use. I recreated an event from our married life that led Brian to the next clue.

Some clues were hard to get…and even Lance had a clue!

The final event combined all the clues and led Brian through the house to find…

The “buried treasure”! I drew this picture for Brian’s office and Benj. provided the frame from an old monitor he took apart.

It was fun creating something for my man and even more fun watching him unravel what I had put together. I’m glad we could celebrate with his family where he could once again immerse himself in the same loving atmosphere that shaped his younger years. Praise God for this wonderful testimony of parental love, investment and training. Now that Brian has taken on his own family, I’m confident that he will provide a similar training ground for our own little ones. God has truly given me my heart’s desire in Brian.

I love you my man!

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