Moving adventures

At long last, here is the story of our move!

Saturday morning started bright and early for these two eager beavers – a quick but hearty breakfast was eaten out of the frying pan (plates were packed) and last minute items were stowed in boxes.  The crew arrived at 8:00am on the dot – several men from our Sunday school class and the teacher’s wife – to help Amy clean the new place.

Our volunteers had pledged their help before they knew we were moving from one upstairs apartment to another! Nothing daunted they gamely toted all our stuff up and down all morning. Brian made sure our “garden” made it safely.

As a reward for all their effort Amy had home made pizza ready about the time they finished. They stood around (because there was no place to sit) swapped stories about the Olympics, work and the heaviest item they hauled that day. After mutual gratitude was shared for the help and the meal they all left and we faced…

…a disaster zone! You could hardly move for all the boxes – and the new place was supposed to be bigger than the last one! Slowly things got pushed into corners and stacked into closets and the house began to emerge.

Ahhh, space! Brian’s grandparents were there to help with Lance while we worked and ended up giving some decorating help as well.

However, a total move in couldn’t be completed just yet. After moving in we decided that the carpet had not been cleaned so the management scheduled a cleaning…the following week.

Wanting the most accomplished out of this cleaning we stacked things in the bathroom…

…fireplace hearth, kitchen and back porch. The cleaning was a success and we could finally settle everything into it’s proper places.

The following weekend became “project days” as we made small repairs and “modifications” to make the place more like home.  We installed a washing machine that had been given to Amy’s Dad and passed on to us, and a dryer that Brian found for $25 on Craigs list.

Next,we ran internet cable and hooked up all the many cords for our workroom setup. Brian rearranged the pantry shelves to better utilize the space.

Lance got a bath in the kitchen sink where Mommy could keep a watchful eye as she painted the new shelves.

Meanwhile, Daddy went to great lengths to convert a drawer we salvaged out of a no longer needed shelf/desk into a Master bath drawer for Amy.

He did a nice job and made it out of a scrap board we had and various screws he had collected over time. Amy was highly impressed with his skill, creativity and forethought. Curtains were also hung – a first for our married life – and the effect delighted both of us.

After all that work, we enjoyed the pool and spa – really, it was like being at our own resort!

And finally, here is a video tour of the house as it looks today. There’s still a little more work to be done, but for now – there’s no place like home.

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