Well folks, this post will have to last until my Internet comes back up….after we’re settled into our new place! Yep, we’re moving! Not very far from where we are now, just a mile in fact, but God has been directing this move for a while now.  As the end of our current lease came up we started looking around at our options. There were many things to consider – cost, size, amenities, location – and we looked for a month and a half! We have found our new place and applied on Tuesday, were called back and approved that day and offered the chance to move in as soon as we wanted so plans came together and we move tomorrow.

This is our living room right now. Everything has to be boxed up, loaded, unloaded and unpacked! We have some friends from church that are going to help us, and Brian’s work is providing a truck to help us out! Praise the Lord! It’s been neat to watch Him work on our behalf once we stepped out in faith.

And now, just for fun, here are some pictures of Lance this last month:

“These ear muffs make my cheeks look fat.”

“But Mama, I’m a growing boy!”

Lance and Nathan sack out after a good meal.

This is a Cahill tradition. Lance was laughing so much that night – he loves performing with Daddy

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