Pregnancy Blues and Beyond….

So sorry for my delinquency in posting – I have been sick. A general bad feeling began to creep over me Wed. night – I thought I was just tired. The next day I got up to make breakfast and see Brian off, heroically started my days routine but headed back for bed around nine. Unfortunately, I had a really good book to read so instead of napping I indulged in a good two hours of…. “resting”! I did crash for a nap later that day though.

Brian was home on Friday and made sure I took a nap (wouldn’t let me get away with reading this time :-) Saturday I was still sick – I know this because it was a gorgeous day and I had no motivation to get up and enjoy the outdoors. The Lord was probably doing good things though because it kept me from getting antsy and distracting Brian from his school work. Instead, I looked over his papers and helped him find references for an assignment in between house cleaning and another nap that Brian made me take (I have such a good doctor).

By Sat. evening we both needed a break from the computer so Brian suggested a dinner date. I tried cooking hamburgers to take to the park but my grill wouldn’t cooperate. Now the french fries were done but the burgers weren’t and it was getting dark. So…we picnicked in the living room and ate our meal in courses while playing Cribbage.


Today I’m feeling a whole lot better – I have some energy again! I went on a walk this afternoon and totally enjoyed the beautiful weather.

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