We were going through some of our childhood stuff yesterday and I came across an old diary, written when I was nine and ten. I thought some of the entries were really cute and funny so here is a sampling – spelling, grammar and all:

March 14  I just lost two games of soccer and a crokay game. My
heart broke, it was fun except I lost. I was                     almost mad dog but Michael got me
out. I also got hit with the soccer ball. I had a hard day.

May 3   Today
was David’s Birthday. I got a spaken, I got this diary today. I saw a snake

Dec.2   Today we are deep cleaning our
room. I locked this diary and we couldn’t get it open. Lori finally got it
                open. It’s taking a long time to clean our closet (it’s very messy) We’re going
to have a picnic with                     Promise and Cecilia.

Dec. 3  Was in a King’s entoroge and
paraded in front of the church, it was a lot of fun. Tonite we had a prayer 
            service that ran an hour and twenty min. overtime. It got boring! But Stacie
and I made up poems.

Dec. 4 I taught Timothy to “honk” his nose with a kleenax.
Tonite we had a song rehersal, it was really fun and the             chicken song was

Dec. 12  I HATE !!! Sandwhiches. I
really really hate them! I can’t wait till I’m lunch then I can make whatever I

Then one entry several years later:
July 29 We are cleaning our room. I found a
piece of paper and here is what’s on it: “I want to be a good farm                 wife and I
want to know about different animals. But most of all I want to know God in a
personal                         relationship.”

We’re going to slaughter rabbits today and try to
preserve the pelts.

Those were some of the trials, triumphs and thoughts of my childhood.

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