ALERT Server Move – ACT II

Setting: 3:00am Saturday morning, Cahill residence.

CAHILL: Get up, get up! The time is at hand – let us venture out while the world is sleeping and work our magic.
PA (Pretty Associate): Mmmmm…….
To be awake, or not to be awake: that is the question.
CAHILL: Let me tell you what we have ahead of us!
Mmmmmm……Men of few words are the best men…..

Setting: Basement of the Administration building – 3:30 am

CAHILL: Here is our present situation
PA: Hmmmmm……..
CAHILL: See what you can do with it.
PA: Hmmmm?!!
CAHILL: Worry not! Each computer hath a name and each cable is labeled as such – I am sure thou shalt do well.
PA: ….what’s in a name……

PA: O Jonathan, O Jonathan, for that is thy name, wherefore art thou O Jonathan?
Deny thy server and refuse thy name! What’s in a name? Only my partner doth know.
A wire by any other name, in your place would not work as sweet!
Ah, see how the end doth fit so well into the port – Oh that I were that end that I might not confuse that port.
CAHILL: (mutters) soliliquizing again.

Setting: Basement of the Admin. building; 7:30am

CAHILL: Well, my young apprentice, thou doeth well! All seems to be in order. Let me check…..
CAHILL: …but hark! What light through yonder panel breaks?
PA: It is the cable, and Jonathan is the source.
CAHILL: Boot up fair Jonathan and show your stuff!

PA: Methinks he is jealous that he recieves not a new name.
CAHILL: Ah yes, Peter must be renamed, what shall we call our new friend, Ceasar?
PA: Brutus.
CAHILL: Then fall Ceasar?
PA: It’s not that I loved Ceasar less, but that I loved Brutus more.
CAHILL: This was the unkindest cut of all!
PA: Alas,
Love is blind, and lovers cannot see
The pretty follies that they themselves commit.
CAHILL: Alas, poor Peter, I knew him.

Setting: Basement of Admin., 10:30am

CAHILL: Ahhh, success at last! We have moved the whole computer department in one fell swoop!
PA: The sweet taste of success!
CAHILL: Sweets to the sweet!
CAHILL: Look at all the beautiful lights, winking and blinking as their motherboards hum away.
PA: Not all that glitters is gold.
CAHILL: No, and treasure isn’t always owned by pirates….I love you, my pretty associate!

And thus ends this short comedy (called such by default though the hero and heroine were already married). All is now well in the state of Big Sandy. Cahill and Cahill wish to dedicate this to…well, each other. And so, all good things must come to an end for “brevity is the soul of wit.”

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