Hey all, I have internet access!
 I’m taking some time out to post because something awesome happened just yesterday night. I have finally been able to participate in the final step of working in God’s “fields”. I’ve planted and I’ve watered but I’ve never been able to participate in the actual harvest before. Last night though, one of the girls in my cabin tapped my shoulder as the chapel session was ending and said she wanted to ask Jesus in her heart and wanted to know how to do it. This was definitely God giving the increase because the seed had been planted years ago by her grandmother, the plant had been watered by cabin devotions and chapel sessions and finally, I was blessed with the harvest.
  The whole thing was awesome, I cried, she cried. She said it was emotional for her and she didn’t know why. At first she was embarrassed because she was “so old” (11) but afterwards she just wanted to tell everyone! I told her she was my sister now and she loved that idea. She would go up to other counselors and ask if they knew Jesus and when they said yes she would tell them that she was their new sister. That evening for cabin devotions she wanted to tell the whole cabin. We will have a time of testimony around a campfire tonight and it dawned on her that she now had a testimony that she could share! Boy was she ever excited about that!
  So thanks to those who have prayed – now just praise God for the answer!

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