Well it looks like my site has been pirated;
that’s what happens when you get on “real quick” before work. Speaking of work,
I didn’t go the first three days this week because I was taking care of my poor
sick dog and then I had a little school work to do. When I got to the job site
today you would think I had missed a month instead of a few days.

Here I am, a girl on a construction site and
incontestably the least competent there; it had even been observed by
one of the fellows that when we (Stacie and I) were on the job site it
seemed more like a social event than work. Yet all six guys expressed
their gladness in some form or fashion at my return today. All I do is
come, paint, call tools (especially screwdrivers) by the wrong name and
joke about the pay benefits of being related to the boss; my brother
even paid for my lunch today!

All I can say is, thanks to those who make it such a
great pace to work; my dad, brother, uncle, two friends and dad’s
worker. I never thought work could be so much fun and it makes my dad
so proud when we all work with him. Thank you Lord for all of your

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