Something really struck me as I watched the movie, Luther, tonight. When he was going to defend himself at the first Diet of Worms, all the people were making a big fuss over him, asking for his blessings, sort of making an idol of him, but he paid no attention. His mind was not on popular opinion.

Later, in front of many nobles, church officials and powerful men, he refused to recant, and turned to leave. He had defended himself well and made a good points, the people were impressed, but he did not look to any of them for approval, nor did he look to the crowd as they chanted his name.

What he did was by conviction of what was right, not by what others thought about him. Luther looked to no one but God and that’s what made him so steadfast.

I too often am swayed by the crowd, trying to please them rather than coming to convictions and abiding by them. I look to man for approval instead of God; I go with the flow. Just as Luther’s stance encouraged the princes to stand up for their beliefs, so I pray that I also will be inspired to stand firm.

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