Here I sit, trying to decide what to type about. Many things happen, and just as many things don’t; it all depends on which roads and paths I choose each day. This choice with the earrings has caused my dad and several of my friends to give a word of caution to me, that I don’t try and be someone who I’m not. The day after I got them pierced, dad asked me if this meant I wouldn’t go hang sheetrock for him any more, and I told him “of course I still would.” (After all, my job is to be a helpmeet to my father) Then another friend told me not to change and that she liked me just the way I was – that night I played soccer to my utmost. Then again this morning dad asked me if he was doing a bad thing by letting me try out the jack hammer at work the other day and by having us do such rough work there. Such a little thing, but it has effected my reputation – just like I thought it would. Oh well, I gave it to God, right?

But you know, I think that having so many interests, skills and exposure makes for a more interesting and flexible personality. This morning when dad made his comment about the jack hammer I was all dressed up nice, my air was curled and it looked like I had never touched dirt in my life, – my dad said that I looked so nice he was going to have to escort me to church   - no one would have guessed that just the morning before I had turned out more pushups than I care to state.

   God has brought so many different things together to make me who I am; tanning hides and cooking; delivering baby goats and caring for little children; running barefoot through the pastures and walking down the stairs with feminine grace; handling a skill saw and drill and learning what all those different forks are used for at a formal dinner. I think it’s good that I have done “nice” things and “rough” things –  God has done all this in preparation for I know not what. It gives me a sort of contentment and freedom from anxiety, I could be at home with a farmer or pastor, I could function in a city ministry or a third world country. I can look forward to whatever God has in store for me knowing that each step in His way has prepared me unto that end. Praise God that “who I am” is in Christ and not in what I do or don’t do.

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