I wrote this last night and then found out the wireless access was out and couldn’t post until now – so here goes! Our first Christmas – unlike any other. Since all the family had to leave this morning and Kim had to drop a friend off at the bus stop at 6:15am, Brian and […]


Okay, a few pics from CA – we’ve been having so much fun I’ve hardly had time to post! We made a friend – sort of – on the wharf in Santa Cruz; every step we took towards him, he moved one away. I think he’s giving us the evil eye. We also got to […]


We’re in CA! The scenery here is incredible! It’s a little chilly but six space heaters and a fire place later we got things nice and toasty. I love the redwood trees here. Hopefully pictures will come if I can get my hands on Benj.’s camera. Now off to explore!


Brian came up with this during a deep sipirtual discussion. The wording says: When Jabez asked for his bounderies to expand it had nothing to do with spirituality and everything to do with self-gratification.  “…they shall be fat and flourishing” Ps. 92:13-14


Over the last several days Brian and I have been busy with Christmas projects. Unfortunately, due to the confidential nature   of such projects, no pictures or descriptions can be posted. There is one project however that I can put up for public viewing. I just finished making our stockings! I used the same fabric […]

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