Have you ever wished you had a maid? Normally I enjoy keeping my little house clean but yesterday I got discouraged by a mess…   I was very hungry all morning and since lunch was less than sustaining, I went home to make a chocolate banana milkshake. After making it, I showed incredible responsibility by […]


This is a little project I prepared for one of the girls here on campus. Since it’s most recently on my mind I thought I’d post it: “Love does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices in the truth.”   There is much unrighteousness in the world as the news demonstrates every day. Reading the headlines […]


And on the seventh day He rested….. You know, that isn’t such a bad thing. After a short night Saturday Brian and I were feeling kind of tired so we decided to take a little nap before finishing out several things we wanted to do that evening. We lay down about 4:00-4:30 and the next […]


He Passed!!!!! He is such a smart guy  – he only missed one question! This guy really knows his stuff, I think the test administrator was impressed. Oh, and just to make the day a little more fun, it snowed a little while we were in Longview – really pretty.


Brian is taking a computer certification test in a few hours – please pray for him if you read this.

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