Man’s Work

Lance is quickly developing into a little man. He is very curious about Daddy going to work and shows rapt attention when Daddy does projects around the house. He even recognizes which jobs are man jobs and will volunteer to do them: I was unloading the sleeping girls from the car after running errands and Lance reminded me there were groceries to unload and insisted on taking some in himself.


Early last week our washing machine started to leak. Brian opened up the machine to find the problem and both kids watched in wonder!


Lance  stuck by Daddy for the entire project and even dug his drill out of the toy box when he saw that Daddy was using one. He kept telling me “Lance is working” in a very serious voice.


Lance also believes in working smarter, not harder. Or maybe it’s because this was Mommy’s project of gathering leaves to mulch in a friend’s garden.


Here Lance shows his manliness raking leaves – maybe you just have to give a guy tools to inspire work.IMG_4177

Or maybe it’s the presence of another man.

Saturday at breakfast Brian said he needed to take the car to have the tires rotated and oil changed. I asked Lance if he wanted to go to work with Daddy and suddenly breakfast was forgotten and he was sliding out of his chair to find his shoes. He was one proud little guy waving goodbye to Mommy and the baby as he “went to work.”


Ivy often tags along but her idea of work is a little different. That and the lift at the car place was a little scary.

And here’s Flora working up an appetite – this is how she acts when it’s almost time to eat!

3 responses to “Man’s Work”

  1. Lori

    It will be fun when Jenny can sit up and watch. For now she just acts like Flora. I posted a video of her talking on FB.

  2. Anne

    Adorable as usual. It was great to see Flora a little better with the video.
    Where are you raking leaves?

  3. Alicia Jones

    Good job, Lance! It’s fun to see their personalities develop. I love babies, but my favorite stage is probably where Lance and Ivy are at.

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