Memorial Day weekend

I think it’s high time for another peek into our life happenings.
For Memorial Day weekend we drove down to visit my family – what a treat!
Brian thought it would be fun to take my parents out on a double date. We stopped for pizza then hit the bowling alleys.

If you’ve never tried to bowl around a bowling ball sized stomach then just try and imagine how that might affect your game.
In the first match, Dad took a quick lead with Brian right on his tail. The guys dominated the round with Brian clipping Dad’s lead on the last frame!

However, as the second game took shape I managed to refine my new style and surprised myself with victory!
(Mom wishes to note that she bowled much better in the first game).

Sunday we went swimming – it was a little chilly so Lance didn’t want much to do with the water. The rest of us swam for a while then played Skip-Bo.

Stacie’s dance outfit was similar to my maternity swimsuit and made out of the same material so she wore it swimming.

Sunday morning found us all dressed up nice so we decided to take a few pictures:

                      Lance Dance.                                                                      The little family….

                                        The big family

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