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  Last night I had a midwife appointment – all is going well. Kelsey (my midwife) helped me identify the different parts of the baby that I can feel. She showed me where the head was and explained how she knew what it was!  Tadpole kept moving a lot and made it hard to take […]


We joined a new church on Sunday!   We’ve been visiting there for a while and we had the pastor and his family over for dinner one evening to ask some questions and get to know them. We’ve looked around, prayed and come to the decision that this is where God wants us. It’s so […]


Well, seeing as people weren’t much interested in regular news, I’ll put up some of the more sensational stuff: Irving Enquirer Pregnancy becomes apparent! Here is a previously unreleased photo of Amy Cahill at a friends wedding. An obvious growth of the belly cannot be hidden in the styles of this day and age. Comment […]

Old Year – New year

Brian and I had our own party on New Year’s Eve. We started out with the Jones tradition of having fondue for supper. Why do we have this tradition? I’ll tell you….I don’t know. After a great dinner we cleaned up the dishes and cracked pecans for a while and just talked. To end our […]


My New Year’s resolutions:  1. Eat more  2. Gain weight  3. Slowly quit jogging It’s going to be a good year! Brian’s New Year’s resolutions:  1. Eat less (Amy is taking more than her share)  2. Lose weight (so Amy and I can weigh the same)  3. Run around doing things Amy can’t do anymore. […]

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