I am nearing the end…..

 Jogging changed to walking last week as I’m getting a little big. It was so hard not to jog Sat. when I went out with Brian because being out in the early morning brings on such a strong memory of jogging. Brian wouldn’t hear of it however so I rode my bike beside him while he got all the workout. We did walk a ways afterwards which was nice, though I could tell that jogging would have really messed me up.

I’ve also been having a bit of heartburn because everything is so squished up inside of me. After trying to ignore it, hoping it would go away, I followed a tip from my midwife and set off for the health food store to find papaya or ginger. At first all I could find was crystalized ginger but was hesitant to buy it due to a vivid memory of a strong dose of ginger/carrot juice at a friend’s house *shudder* I guess you get used to it. Anyhow, I wanted something I’d actually use, so after explaining things to the lady running the counter she pointed me to some papaya enzyme tablets. I think this is the first nutritional supplement I’ve ever taken (besides a daily vitamin or vit. C) but it has seemed to help.

Today I’m just tired – though I haven’t really been doing much. A good walk or a hot bath sounds very appealing to me right now….maybe to curl up with a good book….or work on my baby quilt

……..9 weeks left to go!

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