Last night I had a midwife appointment – all is going well. Kelsey (my midwife) helped me identify the different parts of the baby that I can feel. She showed me where the head was and explained how she knew what it was!  Tadpole kept moving a lot and made it hard to take a heartbeat by running away from the doppler.
 We also had our first birthing class. It was so cute to see all the couples there – every mom with a big belly, sitting next to her attentive husband – the perfect date . Everyone was expecting their first except for one mom and the crowd was mostly young couples, but there were some older ones too. We went over nutrition, exercise and terminology this week. I think next week we hit the subject of labor and birth .
  I’m also doing a little bible study on my own on the word “travail” and how it’s used in the Bible. Not horribly encouraging Do you know how often God uses travail to describe judgment? A few interesting facts so far:
 1. It’s an appointed time – normal, expected and not lasting forever.
 2. It’s offset to the point of almost forgetting by the joy of what it brings
 3. It’s a labor of love done by someone who can for someone who can’t
 4. It’s used in comparison with the second coming – we don’t know the day or hour of when it will happen

In other news….I’ve started a baby quilt!

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