It started as a quiet evening……

The girls were watching a missionary video, little suspecting that they would soon be caught up in an intense game of strategy and stealth. Suddenly, the screen blacked out and a few seconds later whistles were blowing and spotlights swirled around the room. I ran up on stage and announced that we were going to play a little “game.” We synchronized watches and I gave them 15 min to run to the dorms, change clothes, grab a flashlight and meet me at another location.
They were all there at the appointed time and I started explaining the rules. They were to use plastic bags to transfer dirt from a location on one side of the campgrounds to the other (a distance of about a mile). Halfway to their destination they would enter enemy territory patrolled by guards with spotlights. If they were spotted, they had to dump out all their dirt and start over. However, the guards could be neutralized for 30 seconds if the girls flash-lighted them first.

The girls ran themselves into the ground trying to fill a bucket at their destination; many strategies were tried and as they worked, the buckets stared to fill.
Halfway through the game, the teams had to regroup, build a fire, roast and eat two bags of marshmallows before continuing. This was a time to go over strategies and try to improve tactics.
  At the end, we tallied points for teams arriving on time, number of bags still in possession, and how much dirt was in the buckets. It was a great night and I think most of them had a blast.

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