Did you know that God cares about groceries?
I used a small portion of spaghetti sauce last week and just stuck the can in the fridge to use later. Several times I noticed the open can and told myself I needed to do something with the sauce before it went bad, but nothing ever came of it.
   Well, I think at least a week has passed now and for the last few days I’ve received strong promptings from the Lord to do something about that can and not let it go to waste. This week I’ve even gone so far as to smell it once or twice to make sure it wasn’t bad yet, but still lacked obedience because I hadn’t made up my mind on how I would like to use it. God told me just to freeze it if nothing else but I argued about how much trouble it is to thaw and use.
   Today I again heard the voice of God in my soul to preserve that can of sauce and I had the intention of doing it but one thing after another came up – clearly God’s direction was not my priority.
  I write this after obedience – I just put a container of sauce in the freezer, reserving a little to make pizza omelets tomorrow for breakfast.
  Why did it take me so long to follow this simple direction from God? Why was he so gracious in not letting the item spoil? We are learning about being a good steward in a Bible study and I was convicted with the fact that I wasn’t being very faithful with a very little thing. Will God entrust me with more?

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