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This morning I checked my email to find one xanga subscription  from 2006  sandwiched in with four subscriptions from March 2005 – this is really weird.   I other news, today is Timothy’s birthday – he is now 13! Wow, we have four teenagers in the house once again. This will be the last time […]


The strangest thing is happening with my xanga subsciption emails – I’m getting  ones from last year! Just now I got one dated March 5, 2005. Earlier I had one that I started reading without looking at the date and it was talking about Mrs. Schrader being pregnant, I got really excited until I looked […]


The last two days Brian and I worked at the Lassiters, getting the grounds ready for the wedding. (See, we can do something useful when we’re together). Brian used the power washer just about the whole time, spraying down  the arbor by the pool. It really makes a difference! Notice how the washed beam is […]


Okay, here is the promised picture (if a little late – what can I say, Brian arrived and I got a little distracted ) I just finished putting it all together about half an hour before Brian arrived and I was able to show him and the rest of his family. All that I have […]


Okay, here’s pictures of the project that has been my consuming past time this week – okay, the last two and a half days.   I cut pieces….                                                   sewed them together…..        Sewed pieces into blocks….      […]

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