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One of today’s projects was to catch up on some scrapbooking. I put in the last pictures of my dog. Boy, I didn’t know it was going to be that hard; I kept breaking down. I sure do miss her.


Today I reminded myself once again why I avoid arm wrestling guys – it’s too embarrassing for them. And no, it wasn’t Brian, he can beat me hands down (which is normally how you win). *edit* could some of you please go and clear my name on Brian’s site? *end edit*


Right now I’m at the Cahill house. First day was spent registering at another store where I found some great dishes! Also showing Benj. (Brian’s little brother) my photos and looking at his – he’s got some good shots! And of course, Brian came home from ALERT Next morning I went walking with Brian’s mom […]


This is a post of activities done in honor of a unseasonably cool morning. This morning I did a mini triathlon for my workout: 5 miles on a bike 2 miles on foot 200 yds. in the pond Then I came home to pancakes for breakfast! I ate them like there was no tomorrow. I […]


Brian and I picked out our wedding bands yesterday – I’m really excited!     This one is for me – 1/4 carat               This is Brian’s – A titanium band; Princess cut diamonds inset into          strong stuff for a strong man; you can a platinum ring – it’s so […]

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