Car Report:
  Yesterday evening we were traveling home from a birthday celebration for Brian’s grandpa. It was around 12:30am and I had just dozed off when I was jerked out of my sleep by a loud thump followed by a few small bumps. I let out a startled yell, trying to gain a handle on reality and determine my course of action – fight or flight.
  Well, neither reaction was needed as Brian assured me we were okay – he had just run through a herd of wild hogs picking off two or three out of the fifteen or so crossing the road. We pulled over to assess the damage – a large dent in the drivers side fender, cracks along the front, broken grill and bent license plate; praise God the airbags didn’t deploy! There was quite a bit of “debris” on the car and it smelled pretty bad too. Within a few minutes of pulling over, two other cars stopped and their drivers hopped out, wondering what they had hit – no going back for free meat there, it was pretty much sausage by that time.
  We finished our drive back to ALERT and washed off the car. We were still pretty keyed up with all that had happened (no more problems dozing off for me!) and didn’t get to bed until 2am!
  That would be the end of the story except that an undisclosed individual (not Brian or Amy) backed into our car this evening and put a matching dent in the driver’s side rear fender. We both felt bad for the unfortunate driver, but could hardly keep from laughing at the irony. Praise God I have a husband that can take what life serves and still end up with a smile on his face.
Maybe we should send up an extra prayer before driving home on New Years Eve!

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