Brian had a few first’s this week:
  For the first time in our entire relationship (a whole five months!) Brian didn’t open my car door to get me out when we stopped! On the way home from Thanksgiving with my family we came across a two car wreck – looked like they had hit each other and one car then plowed into a light post. We were the first ones on the scene – the accident victims weren’t even out of their cars yet. Brian pulled to the side of the road and rushed out to see if he could help in  any way, I followed close behind. He helped a guy who was kind of beat up and unconscious at first until the police arrived on the scene, at that point it looked like the guy would be fine and we left. I again opened my own door, this time because Brian had blood all over his hands – we stopped at the nearest gas station so he could wash up.
The other first was that he ate a meal by himself for the first time since we had been married. I had to go into town and do some shopping and work on getting my passport changed and thus was gone over lunch. He sent a sad email to my account for me to see when I got home about how lonely it was in the dining hall without me.
 Tonight I’m going to have a first of my own – a computer lesson on website building basics. Should be interesting.
Now I have to go meet my man for lunch

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