We woke up Thursday morning to snow!

We drove to Norwhich mines to go rappelling – in the snow??? Oh yes, it can be done, as Brian proved to me. First came a long haul up the mountain with all our gear. The climb was steep and slippery, made even more difficult because you couldn’t see where to put your feet due to about 6 in. of fresh snow!

The view from the top however was breathtaking!
Brian found a good drop and proceeded to set up a line. We did a straight drop first and then he coached me through a negative drop which was really neat. I enjoyed watching the care with which Brian checked out everything and made sure it was safe before he’d let me on the line – it’s great to know I have someone looking out for me!

After rappelling a little we were cold! So Brian expanded my pyro techniques by teaching me how to start a fire in the snow. We melted some snow and made hot chocolate!

The trek back down the mountain was quite fun – we followed our tracks back the way we came, but could hardly see them because of the snow that had fallen during our time on the mountain! We took the last bit sliding down the lower hillside on our backsides – woo, cold! Our car was a little snowed in but not to worry – the heater works great!

(stay tuned for more fun in the snow!)

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