Back again:
You know, lucky for all of you xanga fans, I’m married to a computer guy so if there’s internet out there, he’ll find it. Accordingly, I have another post for your enjoyment!

We “celebrated” halloween by eating at Wolf’s Lodge and posed with this witch!

Later that day we arrived at our destination – Northwoods (Watersmeet, MI)
This is the main lodge – but we didn’t stay here, no, we had our own little cabin located on a peninsula on Wolf Lake. (pictures coming soon)

It’s a little chilly up here – a far cry from our recent outdoor wedding in Texas!
We spent most of the day touring around the former ALERT headquarters
where Brian recieved his training. Lot’s of old memories were shared
and I enjoyed seeing the places that both he and Michael had talked

On the way around the property on our bikes, it started snowing! How beautiful!

But we’re not worried about being snowed in – I found this great snowplow!

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