To answer the comments from the last post:
  No, Brian is not a mall-shopper; he hasn’t been clothes shopping in the last three years! We were looking for a specific color of polo shirt and I thought it would be a lot easier to find than that. I mean, we wanted Aggie Maroon for crying out loud, surely this town could have a few of that color on hand. Everywhere we went we couldn’t find the right color, or if we did it was only in XL or something. But we were desperate, he needed this for his “going away” clothes.
Soccer was fun, but due to a slight accident during the game I had to forego the jogging this morning. Also, I was up until midnight talking to Brian.
And finally, the honeymoon is a secret – even from me! So, much as I would like to enlighten my audience; I can’t.
Well, I have things I must be doing now.

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