Right now I’m at the Cahill house.
First day was spent registering at another store where I found some great dishes! Also showing Benj. (Brian’s little brother) my photos and looking at his – he’s got some good shots! And of course, Brian came home from ALERT
Next morning I went walking with Brian’s mom (one of my favorite things to do here) then a group from ALERT arrived and we all traveled to Louisiana to attend the wedding of Brian’s boss. Boy, I think I saw this wedding in a whole new light! I was taking notes and getting ideas. When the bride walked down the isle with her dad I suddenly got very excited and very nervous at the same time.
After arriving home about 1:30am I slept in until 8:30! We went to church then had pizza for lunch! Now Brian is working on the car air conditioner then we’ll leave for his grandparent’s house where we’ll spend tonight. Tomorrow we’ll finish our visit with them and then attend a party put on by dad Cahill’s fellow doctor where we’ll get to swim!
Tuesday Brian has to go back to ALERT and I won’t get to see him for three days! Oh well, at least I get to kiss him goodbye

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