Okay, the pictures are working! Oh, and a quick edit on the wedding
date – There was something happening at ALERT on that day so we’ve
changed the date to Oct. 28 – mark your calendars!

Brian showed up at my camp on Tuesday afternoon, totally surprising me!
I was dismissed from all of my duties that evening and Brian said he
would take me out for some “real” food (as opposed to camp food).

First we ate at this wonderful little Italian restaurant…
After dinner we went to the Blue Bell Creamery and walked around – they were closed, so we just toured the outside and talked.

Here’s the car Brian rented to come and get me for our “first date”. Pretty hot wheels eh?

Next we went into the downtown to get some ice cream but all the shops
closed at 5:00 so we walked around some more the sat in the little
gazebo on the town square.

We decided to find some place that was open to the later night crowd to
get some ice cream and finally went in to Applebees and ordered a
strawberry shake. Note here, I think that either Brian really loves me
or I’m winning him over – this is the first ice cream he has had in
three years!

When we were done he said that he’d better get me back for my curfew so
we drove the 20 or so minutes back to camp. We were both pretty quiet
the whole way, mostly just enjoying being together. Back at camp Brian
suggested we go out to that cross I liked and pray like we did every
night on the phone. I agreed and had a sneaking suspicion that this
might be it!
We got out there and knelt to pray – it was really good. After we were
both finished he said that he had something for me and I thought, this
is it! But he pulled out a Hershey’s kiss and said since he couldn’t
kiss me yet that maybe this would do for now. I was a little taken back
and didn’t quite know what to say. Then an idea popped into my head and
I asked what kind it was and he replied that it was a dark chocolate
kiss. This was very incredible to me because I had a little idea that
wasn’t totally serious before God that it would be neat if my future
husband would give some dark chocolate and I could see that as a
confirmation from God. I had thought about it a lot the last few weeks
and decided not to make it an issue thinking it wouldn’t happen but I
think God gave that to me just to show me that He can do anything!
I thought that was it and we started to head back to my dorm. Brian had
his arm around my shoulders and I could feel his heart pounding so I
started to tease him a little about it when next thing I knew he had
knelt down and was asking if I would marry him! I was totally caught
off guard and said that I would at which he brought out the ring! When
it was on my finger he took his promised kiss – a first for both of us.
I can’t even describe my feelings at that time except that they were not only
new, but very wonderful. I don’t think I’ll forget. We finally made it
back to the buildings and took a quick picture of the ring before he
headed out and I called my parents to tell them.

So there you are, the story of our engagement. I happy, excited and
thrilled all while still trying to take everything in. God is moving
this quickly but I have a sure footing in His will and I know this is
what He wants and I want it too which makes it all the more wonderful.
I praise Him for His wonderful works!

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